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Complaint shuts down Brabant killings forum

The discussion forum dedicated to the Brabant killings has been closed after a complaint.  The forum was created 15 years ago. A complaint against an administrator was submitted to the Brussels Prosecutor’s office, by an individual who was presented in the forum as a “possible suspect” in one of the gendarmerie’s lines of inquiry, DH and Het Nieuwsblad said this weekend.

A Brussels instruction judge has been assigned to the case and the founder and administrator of the site was questioned as a witness by federal police. The site was closed as a consequence of this defamation and slander complaint, but this was not requested by the courts, the French-language newspaper said.

“I have lost count of the number of letters I have received from lawyers threatening lawsuits, or the number of threats in general”, the forum’s founder said. “Up until now, everything has always been sorted out amicably”. This time, the “possible suspect”, whose name had already appeared in the Dutch-language forum, submitted a civil complaint in Brussels. A complaint was also submitted against the administrator of the Dutch-language forum, but that forum is still accessible, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

The judicial case is still ongoing. The French-language forum is expected to reopen, “but it will be read-only to start with”, the founder said.

The Brussels Times