More than half of Belgian youth worry about retirement

More than half of Belgian youth worry about retirement

Even young people in Belgium who do not even have a job yet are already concerned about their retirement, according to latest figures.

More than half of Belgian youths fear that they will not make it to old age without money issues, according to a survey by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Therefore, it is not surprising that working on a better pension plan is one of the main requests they have for the government. 43% of participants think that the government should do more to improve pensions, and just over a quarter is even willing to pay 2% more taxes for it. However, with an ageing population in Belgium, that probably will not be enough, according to political scientist Nicolas Bouteca (UGent).

“It is perhaps a long way off for those under the age of 30, but it is not surprising that pensions are at the top of the list of concerns,” said Bouteca. “Most people get their norms and values through their families. If the parents are worried about their retirement, young people adopt those worries,” he added, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

Opposition party SP.A feels supported by the figures since security of care is their biggest pillar in this campaign. “People are uncertain about their retirement,” said Conner Rousseau – party leader for the Flemish Parliament – to Het Nieuwsblad.

“That is why we think our plan to completely rearrange the pensions is so important. We want them to be raised to 1,500 euros for everyone, both employees and the self-employed,” he added.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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