Police hunt continues for man seeking ‘suicide by cop’

Police hunt continues for man seeking ‘suicide by cop’

The police and the public prosecutor in Mons have been searching for a dangerous armed man who plans an attack on police officers or soldiers since 12 April.

Jérôme A. (31) is allegedly planning an attack on the police officers or soldiers that were called in to patrol critical points in Mons due to the terror threat, according to information the police released.

“This man is armed and dangerous,” the police statement said. “He wants to provoke ‘suicide by cop’, a scenario in which he dies by a police bullet.”

The information sent out by police to security services shows that the man is travelling with a Volkswagen Polo.

The exact motives of the man are still unclear. He is known for assault and battery, drugs possession and defamation, according to the police.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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