Belgium's second carpool lane to open in May

Belgium's second carpool lane to open in May

From May onwards, the Walloon government intends to test a new carpool lane on the E411 highway between Wavre and Brussels (Hermann-Debroux metro and bus station), using an existing bus lane as the template.

This will be the second carpool lane in Belgium. The first one was on the 11 km stretch of motorway between Arlon and Sterpenich.

At the moment the new lane is already used by express buses. From May onwards, the lane will also open to so-called HOVs (Highly Occupied Vehicles), so the authorised cars need to have at least three occupants. The sole use of the lane by carpoolers will be enforced by camera systems.

The Flemish Mobility Minister, Ben Weyts (N-VA), is not very keen on carpool lanes, primarily when emergency lanes are used for it. Those emergency lanes are not built for regular traffic, he added.

The Brussels Times/Belga

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