Maggie De Block wants equal rights for all workers

Maggie De Block wants equal rights for all workers
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Maggie De Block (Open Vld) would like to keep her position as Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health under the next government in order to take on the financing of social security and harmonisation of the status of employees, self-employed and civil servants, L’Echo and De Tijd reported. The minister would like to put an end to differences in status between workers. “Nowadays, more and more people change their positions several times during their working lives. And they are penalised because those ending their careers as civil servants must give up their high pension. That is why we must harmonise these differences in status,” she said in justification.
The minister nevertheless guaranteed that acquired rights must remain unchanged. “But there must never again be any differences between those entering the employment market today, whether they are employees, civil servants or freelancers,” she considered. “We want them to have the same pension and unemployment or sickness benefit rights.” 
In the next parliament, she would furthermore like to embark on reforming how social security is financed. “If we removed a small part of social security health care, it would be possible to lower contributions. That would be a breath of fresh air for companies, and they could take on more staff, the government would collect more revenue and contributions could be reduced. The work would extend over several legislative terms, but we have to make a start right now.”
The liberal politician would like to stay on under the next government as minister of social affairs and public health to bring in the reforms.
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