The SNCB must still pay a fired civil servant

The SNCB must still pay a fired civil servant

The State Council has suspended the revocation of a civil servant who worked for the railway, Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Saturday. The civil servant was revoked for stealing two 50-euro cheques-gifts from a colleague while at work. She had been working for the SNCB for 12 years as a statuary civil servant. But the administrative jurisdiction ruled the consequences of her actions were not serious enough to revoke her, according to a statement published on its website.

Revocation is the most serious sanction for a civil servant: it terminates their employment and strips them of their right to a civil servant pension. 

HR Rail (the body that employs SNCB and Infrabel staff) says revocation was the appropriate course of action in this case. They feel the woman concerned can no longer be trusted and there are no accentuating circumstances.

However, the State Council said it couldn’t see how revoking her was justified in an emergency ruling. It said the arguments she put forward to explain her actions were not taken into account: the woman claimed being revoked would have a disproportionate impact on her as she is a single parent to a six-year-old boy.

Het Laatste Nieuws said the woman will continue to receive her salary while the State Council makes its final decision, but she won’t go to work. 

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