New E411 carpool lanes only on Walloon side

New E411 carpool lanes only on Walloon side

The new carpool lanes that will open on the E411 motorway from Arlon and Wavre to Brussels starting from Tuesday will stop at the Flemish Region border in Overijse due to a policy disagreement. The 17 km stretch of the E411 motorway crosses all three country Regions and is therefore under the control of three different mobility ministers. Since the carpool lane stops at the Flemish region border, vehicles coming from Wavre or Arlon will have to get back on the conventional driving lanes in Overijse.

Cars have to transport at least three people, including the driver. As the carpool lane is located between the first lane and the hard shoulder, a speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour has been put up to avoid a great difference in speed during traffic jams.

Surveillance cameras, directly connected to the new Perex traffic centre, have been programmed to detect the number of passengers on board. Not respecting the rules will lead to a 58 euro fine.

The carpool project’s second step will be conducted on the motorway stretch that connects Arlon to Luxembourg via Sterpenich. According to RTL Luxembourg, the country’s first carpool lane will go from Kirchberg to Sterpenich.

"It is not yet planned to extend the carpool lane from Overijse to Brussels," declared Michaël Devoldere, spokesperson for Flemish minister for Mobility Ben Weyts (N-VA) to NewMobility.

While Weyts finds the general carpooling principle “interesting”, he wants his Region to focus on the kilometre tax.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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