Eighteen months prison demanded for ‘Darth Vader’ prank caller

Eighteen months prison demanded for ‘Darth Vader’ prank caller
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An 18-month term of imprisonment has been demanded for a man accused of calling the Belgian emergency line 100 under the false names Darth Vader and Capitaine Flam. In January 30 2019, in Binche, Frank L. dialled the number for medical emergency and fire brigade and pretended to be Capitaine Flam. “I couldn’t help it, I had a relapse and started again”, he explained.

This was not the first time he had done something like this.

On April 28 2018, he called the emergency number thirty or so times in two hours, giving his name as Darth Vader. Following his reoffence, the public prosecutor’s office demanded 18 months’ imprisonment for the accused.
The defence shared the bench’s opinion but pleaded for the sentence to be made conditional. “I do not consider that prison would be of any benefit to him. He is moving forward, looking for work and has even obtained his driving licence. His acts, though undoubtedly causing a nuisance, are nevertheless not of the most serious,” his lawyer declared.
The sentence will be passed on June 6.
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