Calls to change Belgian law on sick leave during pregnancy

Calls to change Belgian law on sick leave during pregnancy

The Family League has highlighted the fact that pregnant women lose part of their maternity leave if they fall ill in the six weeks before they give birth. The organisation launched a new information campaign on Friday, two days before Belgian Mother’s Day and two weeks before the elections.

The parental defence and support association made a video criticising a law that says women who fall ill at the end of their pregnancy get less maternity leave. The video was released a little under a year ago.

That campaign “created a buzz and gave hope to mothers affected by this injustice. However, nothing has changed”, the Family League has said. They called on new MPs to make changes in a new video made this year.

“It’s high time to change the law so that every mother gets to spend the same amount of time with their new-born, whether they have been signed off work or not. Rather than just a great Mother’s Day present, it would be righting an injustice for the sake of mothers and their children”, the association said. 

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