Over 10,000 Belgians caught speeding each day

Over 10,000 Belgians caught speeding each day
An increasing number of Belgians are speeding in the country’s routes, as recent figures show that over 3 million drivers received a speeding ticket in 2018. According to figures released by the traffic authorities, radars caught 3,747 million drivers speeding in 2018, an increase of 350,000 in comparison to 2017.

On average, local police and federal traffic authorities administered 10,268 speeding tickets a day across Belgium last year.

The figures not only represent a sharp increase from 2010 —where the number of speeding tickets stood at 2,6 million— but also point to a rise in the number of Belgians choosing to drive well over the speed limit.

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“It’s disappointing to notice how it is mostly significant speeding offences which have progressed. The drivers were perfectly aware that they were driving too fast — it was not merely a few kilometres per hour,” a spokesperson for VIAS mobility institute told Le Soir.

Wallonia is one of the regions in the country where this type of infraction has progressed the most, with nearly one out of thirteen drivers were driving at least 31 km/h over the speeding limit.

Last year the region invested the installation of new traffic radars, in an attempt to reduce speeding in its routes.

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