Over 267,000 Belgians sign petition urging stronger action on climate in next legislature

Over 267,000 Belgians sign petition urging stronger action on climate in next legislature
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Leaders of the “Sign for my future” coalition on Thursday handed over to representatives of political parties 267,617 signatures from Belgians calling for a stronger climate policy in the next legislature. The coalition’s message was highlighted at the closing of the campaign on Thursday in Forest, attended by various politicians, including Karine Lalieux (PS), Jean-Luc Crucke (MR), Philippe Henry (Ecolo), Céline Frémault (cdH) and Jonathan De Lathouwer (Défi).

It centres on three demands: enshrine the target of climate neutrality by 2050 in the country’s legislation, come up with an investment plan to encourage citizens and businesses to be part of the transition and establish a council of independent experts to assess the policies implemented.

“Such a complex transition is only possible if all stakeholders in society and the economic world take part in it,” stressed the initiators of the coalition, made up of over 400 personalities, mostly business leaders but also civil society representatives, scientists and personalities from the world of culture.

“The solutions are there,” they added, pointing to a road map drawn up by 14 experts, showing the actions to be implemented in terms of mobility, land-use planning, industry, agriculture and energy.

“The transition is a judicious economic choice on condition that a long-term policy is followed,” the coalition’s leaders stressed. “Academics, businesses and civil society are ready to build a climate neutral Belgium. It is now up to the politicians to transcend their divisions, demonstrate ambition and work to preserve our future.”

The political representatives reacted favourably to the proposals made to them during the debate organized around the handover of the signatures. They each brandished a green card to show that their respective parties were ready to anchor the objective of a climate-neutral country by 2050 in a legislative framework.

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