A CO2 performance scale introduced to help cut Belgian emissions

A CO2 performance scale introduced to help cut Belgian emissions

The Walloon and Flemish governments have made a joint commitment to encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions in the construction sector through public procurement. About 20 pilot projects introducing CO2 performance criteria and rewarding the most ambitious businesses in this regard, are to be launched between 2019 and 2022.

The two regions’ efforts to reduce their carbon imprints in the big construction markets are inspired by the CO2 prestatieladder tool that exists in the Netherlands since 2009.

This CO2 performance ladder will be transposed to Belgium based on an autonomous certification that businesses will be able to request voluntarily. This will enable adjudicating authorities to encourage construction companies to reduce their emissions.

In concrete terms, businesses with good CO2 performance scores will have an advantage in the award of public markets.

The scale will stimulate the reduction of CO2 emissions in a structural manner in the construction sector thanks to incentives in public procurement, without excessively adding to the administrative burden of the adjudicating authorities and the certified businesses.

Moreover, it will represent a low outlay for the public authorities since it is expected to finance itself and will contribute indirectly to the fight against social dumping thanks to the use of attribution criteria, which limit the pressure on the lowest price, the Walloon Government said on Friday.

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