Fake emails from ‘tax authority’ circulate in Belgium

Fake emails from ‘tax authority’ circulate in Belgium

A warning has been issued by Belgium’s Federal Public Service of Finance (FPS) that several false emails are currently being sent out by an unknown sender, claiming to be the tax authority. “These are emails in French with the subject “Request for Information”. They can be identified by the sender’s address which contains the extension @minfin-fed.org while the official email addresses of the SPF end with@minfin.fed.be”. Persons receiving this email are asked not to react.

Test-Achats also warned of fraud on behalf of the FPS Finance, this time in Dutch. The consumer organisation claims to have received numerous complaints from concerned people through a letter containing an injunction to pay “in the name of the King”. Scammers impersonate the tax authorities and ask for immediate payment.

The FPS Finance confirms that it is regularly the victim of fraudsters acting on its behalf.

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