“I’m putting all my hope in the people's vote”

“I’m putting all my hope in the people's vote”
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Elio Di Rupo cast his vote at the Town Hall in Mons at 10am on Sunday.

The Socialist party president is hoping for a “vote for change”.

Mr Di Rupo spoke to the media just after leaving the polling station. “We have had a difficult five years and this is above all the time to vote for change”, the Socialist leader said. He revealed he was feeling positive about the outcome. “There is hope. Whether that means the socialists will return remains to be seen, but I hope so. We hope to make a comeback at both federal and regional level. But it depends on the people, on the number of votes and seats we get on Sunday evening”.

“The question is whether we can form a coalition that would let us create a federal government”, Mr Di Rupo said. “The N-VA's score will determine that, everything will depend on their result and the attitude of other Dutch-speaking political parties”.

The Socialist president also said he would visit various polling stations on Sunday. “I will then focus on the family plan before going to Brussels in the afternoon”.

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