Despite a rainy morning, Ascension afternoon should remain dry

Despite a rainy morning, Ascension afternoon should remain dry

Clouds will prevail today with light rain, before a return to sunny dry weather coming from the west this afternoon, the Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) announced. The maximum temperature will be up to 20 degrees.

Friday will be often very cloudy and progressively sunny. Maximum temperatures will range from 18 to 23 degrees. The weekend will then be sunny and warm with peaks up to 26 degrees on Saturday and even higher on Sunday.

Today’s sky will be initially cloudy with slight rainfall or drizzle. This afternoon, the weather will get drier and sunny in the west and progressively in other regions. The temperature will vary between 14 and 15 degrees in Hoog-België (High Belgium) and 20 degrees and higher in the west or locally. The wind will be moderate, to quite strong near the coast.

Thursday evening and night skies will become partly cloudy to overcast, increasingly cloudy from the west but the weather will remain dry. The south-east should have clear skies until dawn. The minimum temperature will drop to ​​between 8 and 13 degrees in the Ardennes and on the coast. The southwest wind will be light to moderate south of the Sambre and Meuse and moderate elsewhere.

Friday will be dry but will begin partially and even very cloudy. Later in the day, the sky will clear gradually. Maximum 18 or 19 degrees in the High Ardennes and near the sea, up to 23 degrees in the Kempen.

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