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Storm warning issued in Limburg, Liège and Luxembourg

A gym became completely flooded after rainwater poured straight through its roof during a heavy storm that hit Brussels on Wednesday. Credit: © Belga

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) has launched an ‘orange’ storm alert for the eastern part of Belgium, which means it anticipates intense storms with heavy rain, hail, and damaging gusts of wind.

The provinces of Limburg, Liege and Luxembourg will be exposed to strong gusts of wind and heavy rainfall.

A code yellow alert is applicable for the rest of the territory, meaning a chance of local thunderstorms with intense rainfall, hailstorms and/or strong gusts of wind, which can cause nuisance and damage locally.

The alert starts at 21:00 and ends Thursday at 4:00 AM. The MRI predicts intense thunderstorms with a risk of strong gusts.

Storm potential and hail probability are increasing from west to east. After that, the weather will become calmer and drier from the French border.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times