Slow-moving Skeyes negotiations halted until 24 June

Slow-moving Skeyes negotiations halted until 24 June
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Negotiations between management and unions continued at Skeyes on Friday morning before being adjourned until the 24th of June, the air-traffic control company announced on Friday.

The talks have been moving slowly, according to a trade union source.

Skeyes has been hit in recent months by a series of strikes by its air traffic controllers, which have sometimes led to temporary closures of Belgium’s airspace.

A social accord concluded in early May has the support of the Socialist trade union representing Skeyes workers, but not its Christian and Liberal equivalents. These two organisations feel the agreement does not provide a structural resolution for the problems they have raised, especially understaffing.

Skeyes management had ruled out any renegotiation of the social accord but said it was open to discussion on many of its specific points. This has been ongoing for many days now.

The latest closure of the Belgian air space one month ago lasted many hours and aroused the ire of Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines and TUI fly, who have petitioned the court to fine  Skeyes in the event of another interruption of its service. The parties’ arguments in this case will be heard on Tuesday.

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