Ninety-nine trains missed their stops in 2018

Ninety-nine trains missed their stops in 2018
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Last year, 99 trains failed to make scheduled stops, a strong increase over 2017 and 2016, when this happened only on 57 and 56 occasions respectively, according to Mobility Minister François Bellot.

He was responding to a written question from Mouvement Reformateur (MR) parliamentarian Caroline Cassart-Mailleux.

The increase does not necessarily mean that this type of incident is on the rise, according to Minister Bellot. On the other hand, they are being recorded better.

A stop can be bypassed because the train’s driver either forgot, was distracted or was prohibited from stopping there by the police, as is sometimes the case during European summits.

A detailed investigation is done for each incident, the minister said.

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