No more slaughterhouses: Brussels campaigners call for an end to abattoirs
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No more slaughterhouses: Brussels campaigners call for an end to abattoirs

Protestors participating in a mass 'die-in' outside Place de la Monnaie. Credit: Belga.

Over 100 people attended the ‘March to Close Abattoirs’ in Brussels on Sunday, calling for the abolition of animal farming, fishing, and abattoirs.

Organised by animal rights groups ‘Stop Abattoirs’ and ‘Bite Back’, this is the eighth time the movement has marched in Brussels.

Signs from the protest this Sunday. Credit: Belga.

The protestors began their march outside the Central Station, marching through Boulevard Pacheco, le Botanique, la rue Neuve, la place de la Monnaie Bota, and finally ending their protest at Boulevard de l’Impératice.

Halfway through the march – outside the Place de la Monnaie – the protestors staged a mass ‘die-in’, in which they all lay on the ground in silence, to symbolise the death of the animals.

Protestors participating in the ‘die-in’. Credit: Belga.

“If we want a fairer world for animals too, it means that we must not perceive them as objects or food. In our opinion, this requires the closure of slaughterhouses,” said Benjamin Loison, co-director of animal rights organisation ‘Bite Back’.

“We want the abattoirs to be closed to ensure a fairer world for the most vulnerable, and therefore, for animals,” he said.

Madeleine Fletcher
The Brussels Times

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