Belgium’s population breaks 11.4 million

Belgium’s population breaks 11.4 million
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Belgium had 11,431,406 legally registered inhabitants by 1 January 2019, the national statistical office, Statbel, reported on Monday.

This represented an annual increase of 0.49% or 55,336 persons, it added.

The population of Flanders increased on an annual basis by 0.6% or 36,102 persons, mainly as a result of international migration: 60,157 persons from foreign countries settled in the region last year, while 31,045 left. The population of Flanders was 6,589,069 on 1 January.

The population of Wallonia increased by 9,418 persons (0.3%), with international migration once again the main contributing factor: “28,699 persons from abroad came to settle in the Wallonia Region; 18,163 left for overseas,” Statbel reported, adding that Wallonia had a population of 3,633,795 at the start of the year.

The population of Brussels increased by 9,816 to 1,208,542 in the same period.

The province with the fastest population growth was Flemish Brabant (+0.68%), followed closely by West Flanders (+0.67%).

In Wallonia, the province with the sharpest increase was Walloon Brabant (+0.62). Liège had the weakest population growth (+0.15%), followed closely by Hainaut, which has been stable around 0.2% for many years now.

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