Brussels Airport needs to be better connected to Belgium, says CEO

Brussels Airport needs to be better connected to Belgium, says CEO
Short-haul flights departing from Brussels Airport will become more expensive. Credit:

Arnaud Feist, Brussels Airport CEO, has launched an appeal to the next representatives in future governments to be responsible for improving access to the airport and allowing the free flow of traffic around the infrastructure that is "caught up in a Belgian institutional knot between the Federal government and the Brussels and Flemish regional governments," L'Avenir reported on Wednesday.

In a statement quoted in L'Avenir, Feist proposed to increase the frequency of trains at the federal level in a way that was "adapted to passenger and employee demand," provided "a full connection service to the regional express network" and resulted in "a working, direct TGV connection between Brussels Airport station and stations on high-speed networks in neighbouring countries."

Feist called upon the Brussels and Flemish regional governments "to connect Brussels Airport to the existing tram and metro network."

It was therefore necessary for public authorities to invest "in order to reach a situation by 2040 in which at least 50% of people travelling to Brussels Airport do so using public transport."

Similarly, the CEO called upon the Flemish government to execute "the implementation of a direct connection between the airport and the E40 Louvain-Brussels" along with works on the ring.

It was worth noting that 20,000 workers and 26 million passengers passed through the Zaventem airport along with freight transport every year.

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