SNCB prepares for heat-related incidents

SNCB prepares for heat-related incidents
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Belgium’s railway transport and infrastructure companies, SNCB and Infrabel, say they will remain alert to the heat throughout the week.

The SNCB will pay additional attention to air conditioning on its trains and to heat-sensitive electronic equipment, a spokesman for the railway transport utility said. This will not require additional staff since the SNCB always has stand-by teams ready to intervene in the event of an accident.

Infrabel has activated a plan hinged on prevention, close monitoring and rapid intervention in the event of a problem, spokesman Frédéric Petit said on Monday.

The traffic control centre sends a weather bulletin to field workers three times per day so that the required measures can be taken. Additional checks are also done on the network.

Mobile intervention teams normally used for maintenance work will be ready for deployment to the scene of all incidents or disruptions.

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