Brabant Killers: “Giant” allegedly in a foreign jail, could be out in a year

Brabant Killers: “Giant” allegedly in a foreign jail, could be out in a year
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A man alleged to be the “Giant”, one of the Brabant Killers, is serving a jail sentence abroad and could be out in a year, according to the attorney for relatives of some of the victims, Peter Callebaut.

Callebaut stressed on Friday in Het Nieuwsblad and Gazet van Antwerpen that the prosecution should look into this tip more closely.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor had received the tip two years ago from a senior federal official specialised in terrorism, who had himself been involved in the investigation into the Brabant Killers years before. However, nothing conclusive had resulted from it.

“The most alarming thing is that this 1.90-metre-tall man, supposed to be the Giant, can soon be free,” Callebaut said. “A year from now he will have served his sentence and will be free to settle anywhere he wants.”

The Office of the Federal Public Prosecutor said, for its part, that the tip was being followed up by two magistrates and a judge. “We’ve conducted many verifications, the investigation has not been completed,” its spokesman, Eric van Duyse, said. “However, we can say, carefully, that the tip in question does not seem to be the most promising one in this investigation.”

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