Belgian man seriously injured after cliff fall in Italy

Belgian man seriously injured after cliff fall in Italy
A Belgian tourist had his head stuck between two rocks for hours after falling of a cliff in Balzi Rossi beach in Italy. Credit: Google Street View

A Belgian man fell off a cliff in Italy and is in the hospital in a serious condition after his head became wedged between two rocks during the fall, which took place late Sunday evening near the coastal town of Ventimiglia.

The accident took place at around 22:00 as the 50-year-old Belgian was walking along the cliffs of Balzi Rossi beach and fell.

He was alone, and after screaming for help, two passers-by noticed him and called local emergency response teams, who liberated the man's head from its entrapment.

"He fell off a cliff on the coast of Ventimiglia and got his head caught in the rocks," a member of the Italian fire department told Het Laatste Nieuws, confirming there had been no witnesses to his fall.

According to the fireman's statements, the man was stuck for around two hours, as he was only freed at around midnight.

"He was in very bad shape, but still alive," the firefighter said.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital, and no information has been released about his current condition.

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