Deadly truck accident in E313 motorway, traffic at a standstill

Deadly truck accident in E313 motorway, traffic at a standstill
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Circulation on the E313 motorway to Antwerp is severely disrupted after a deadly crash involving a truck and a separate accident involving four vehicles took place on Monday, bringing traffic to a complete standstill and prompting authorities to ask drivers to steer clear of the road.

A driver was killed after he crashed into a truck on the motorway near the city of Ranst at around 8:50 AM, according to reports.

Around 3.5 kilometres of traffic jams were reported, and mobility authorities said that vehicles on the motorway linking Antwerp to Liège were being asked to leave it at the west exit of Herentals due to the accident.

Drivers are further advised to take alternative routes into Antwerp after emergency services were called to the spot of the accident at around 9:30 AM, blocking off two lanes of traffic as well as the emergency lane.

Circulation on the motorway was further impacted after an accident involving four vehicles near a parking lot near Rast, but the disturbances were reportedly minimal due to the low flow of traffic and have since been resolved.

Drivers coming to Antwerp from Geel are advised to opt for the E34 road instance, while those coming from Hasselt are advised to take the E19 instead.

Gabriela Galindo

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