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Long traffic jams expected on European roads this weekend

Credit: Belga

People taking the car to go on holiday are expected to come across long traffic jams this weekend, according to a communiqué by Touring traffic information.

Belgian and European highways have been assigned a ‘red’ code by Touring on Friday afternoon and Saturday, which indicates particularly long bottlenecks and traffic congestion.

The E40 towards the Belgian coast and the E411 towards the Ardennes are expected to be particularly congested.

On Sunday evening, Brussels’ ring roads and the E40 from Ostend to Brussels will see much traffic from drivers returning home.

In Europe, large traffic jams are to be expected around Paris ring network, as well as on German and Swiss highways.

On Saturday it will be difficult for drivers heading on a southern direction in Europe. Sunday is the best day to leave for holiday according to Touring.

The Brussels Times