Underground Nazi field hospital discovered in Flemish town

Underground Nazi field hospital discovered in Flemish town
The town hall of the Flemish town of Wevelgem, near the French border. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A field hospital belonging to the Nazis has been discovered beneath a municipal well in the town of Wevelgem, confirming year-old rumours that such facilities lay just below the ground in the small Flemish town, according to reports.

A municipal employee's anonymous tip led to the discovery of the Nazi hospital, which, according to VRT news, was discovered by Christophe Lefebvre, a journalist known for his explorations of abandoned places which he chronicles online.

"It has been a rumour in Wevelgem for many years," Lefebvre told the outlet. "Many people knew there was a well and some even [knew] there was a door under it."

The journalist discovered several concrete cages, hiding places and offices in the underground complex, which he said was in a deteriorating condition and constantly flooded.


"It had space for about 200 people," he said, adding that there were also desks with painted walls for the officers.

"It must have been an important place for the Germans," he said. "It still looks like it was left by the Nazis — there are no signs of vandalism yet."

Strategically located near the French border, and due to its airport and long runway, Wevelgem was an important place for the Nazi regime.

"The Nazi's 'blitzkrieg' assault to northern France departed from Wevelgem," Lefebvre said.

The town was bombed by the regime, and it was one of the places were the first civilian deaths occurred, according to VRT.

Gabriela Galindo

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