Christian democratic party plans to reinvent itself

Christian democratic party plans to reinvent itself
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The revamping of the french-speaking Christian democratic party (cdH) party that its leader, Maxime Prévot, plans to begin later this year does not entail joining another party, Prévot said in a letter sent at the end of June to party members.

“The aim is not to allow us to be swallowed up by another party, but to reinvent ourselves and propose a strong centrist project that offers citizens solutions,” Prévot said in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by Belga

His explanation comes at a time of much speculation about the reconstitution of the centre in the French-speaking political landscape.

Wounded by its defeat at the 26 May elections, the cdH has opted to stay in the opposition come what may, a radical decision for a party accustomed to being in government.

“Our sense of responsibility has led us to take this decision knowing that this choice will not jeopardise the formation of democratic majorities at each level of power,” Prévot stressed.

The cdH no longer wishes to “make up numbers”, he added. “We’ve done it so much in the past that some people confine us to that role.”

The president of the centrists hinted at calls made by other parties and also, with mentioning any names, organisations with which the cdH has historic ties.

“Perhaps some citizens or civil society actors thought that, in any event, we would always be present in the governments,” he said. “They forgot as time went by that, for that, we would need to continue enjoying their support at the ballot.”

When parliament reconvenes in September, after a greening at the interparliamentary level, the cdH president plans to engage in a reflection with party members and supporters.

"It’s in fact all together, but also by opening ourselves to others, that we’ll be able to examine who we are and define who we wish to be,” Prévot said, announcing a tour of the provinces to present the party’s new organizational chart.

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