More voices call for the withdrawal of nuclear arms from Belgium

More voices call for the withdrawal of nuclear arms from Belgium
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The Flemish socialist party Socialistische Partij Anders (sp.a) has said that it wants Belgium to declare itself in favour of nuclear decommissioning and has called for all nuclear weapons on Belgian soil to be withdrawn.

This news comes after a draft report made by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly confirmed the presence of American nuclear warheads at the military base of Kleine-Brogel in Limburg.

On Twitter, sp.a president Crombez on Tuesday called for a "transparent debate" on the subject. "The sp.a wants Belgium to select the site to be decommissioned at long last," he stipulated.

Flemish socialist Melissa Depraetere recalled that her political party had for a long time been calling for the withdrawal of the atomic weapons present in Belgium. She notably made reference to the debate preceding the choice made by Belgium in favour of the F-35, the new fighter aircraft to replace the F-16, that was compatible with " responsibilities for dual capacity missions", whether conventional or nuclear.

"We've been calling for a long time for the withdrawal of nuclear weapons so as to avoid their being carried by the F-35. We shall be putting that back on the table tomorrow in front of the Defence Committee," she tweeted.

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