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Record number of Flemish students went on Erasmus last year

A record number of Flemish students took part in the Erasmus exchange program last year. Credit: Erasmus+/Facebook

Just over 6,000 students from Flemish universities took part in the Erasmus exchange program last year, a new record number announced Thursday by Flanders’ education minister, according to local media.

During the 2018-2019 academic year show a total of 6,008 Flemish students did part of their studies or an internship in another European country, according to reports of the figures by HLN.

The numbers point to the increasing popularity of the international mobility program among Flemish higher-education students, as last year almost 3,000 more students took part in it in comparison to ten years ago.

The European Union (EU) program allows students to undertake part of their studies or professional training in another country, both in and outside of the EU.

Business, literature, linguistics and law remain the most popular areas of study, according to the outlet.

The most popular destination among Flemish students is Spain, as it was the destination of choice for 900 of them, followed by neighbouring France and the Netherlands, where 854 and 704 went last year, respectively.

The Brussels Times