Two repatriated IS orphans have been in the hospital for over a month

Two repatriated IS orphans have been in the hospital for over a month
OCAM believes that there are around 100 children in Iraq and Syria with links to Belgium. Some 80% are in the hands of so-called IS which is a cause for concern.

Two Islamic State orphans repatriated by Belgium in June have not been discharged from the hospitals they were admitted into over a month ago for reasons that remain unclear.

The two orphans are part of a group of six children brought back to Belgium from a refugee camp in Syria.

While four of the children, who fall under the competency of Flemish Community, have already been allowed to return to their families or placed in a foster family, two of them remain in the hospital, according to De Standaard.

The two children who remain in the hospital reportedly fall under the competency of the French-speaking Community and did not present any serious medical issues, according to the outlet.

Most of the six children were born in Belgium and still have extended families in the country, according to a statement given by children's rights delegate Bernard de Vos to The Brussels Times.

Authorities initially placed the children in medical facilities so their physical and psychological status could be checked, after which they were set to be discharged.

The reason for children's continued stay in the hospital remains unclear, and while a representative of Child Focus, a European children's rights NGO, said that the children were in good hands, she said that it was important for them to start reintegrating into society.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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