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Explosion in Antwerp castle shuts domain grounds

Credit: Kasteel Den Brandt

A castle in Antwerp is shut to the public after an explosion occurred inside the grounds on Friday, no injuries were reported but the blast left considerable damage to the property.

Local police and the DOVO explosives unit arrived at the scene at around 7:30 AM after the explosion went off inside the Grand Café of Kasteel Park Den Brandt.

The time of the blast is yet to be determined, but officials said it took place at some point after the café was closed down, according to Le Soir.

Authorities said that no further information could be disclosed as an investigation was ongoing.

The blast shattered the café’s windows and left considerable damage to the property.

The explosion comes after the same café on Wednesday had been closed to the public after a grenade was found in the castle grounds.

The Brussels Times