Extreme heat warning activated in Belgium

Extreme heat warning activated in Belgium
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The warning phase of the 'Extreme Heat and Ozone Peaks Plan' was activated on Friday after the Royal Meteorological Institute, IRM, predicted high temperatures throughout Belgium.

Temperatures are expected to rise over the next few days, climbing close to 35 °C on Tuesday next week, according to IRM.

Ozone concentrations in the air are also expected to increase, although it is still too early to say whether the European information threshold will be exceeded.

The warning phase of Belgium’s Extreme Heat and Ozone Peaks Plan is automatically activated when a certain cumulative threshold of heat is exceeded in the IRM’s five-day weather forecasts.

The activation is based on the observation of highs expected over the next five days.

The main aim of the warning phase is to inform the public, as well as health professional and personal-care staff to be particularly watchful and to make sure they take precautions such as checking the reserves of liquids and temperatures inside buildings.

The public is also advised to pay close attention to loved ones and isolated persons, especially if they belong to high-risk groups such as the elderly, the chronically ill, babies and children.

Precautions advised in the event of extreme heat or ozone peaks include drinking enough mineral-rich water, staying indoors as much as possible (during ozone peaks) and avoiding alcohol and sweetened beverages.

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