Belgian Heatwave: here's what's ahead

Belgian Heatwave: here's what's ahead
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The sky will remain clear on Tuesday evening and night after a hot afternoon, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM).

The IRM has predicted temperatures ranging from 20 to 34 degrees for the afternoon, with a slight wind coming in from sector east to southeast. On the Coast, a northeaster of moderate intensity was expected during the afternoon.

Tuesday night’s temperatures will range from 18 to 23 degrees, according to the IRM forecast. Only some valleys in the Hautes Fagnes area will be cool, with temperatures between 13 and 14 degrees.

The heat wave will continue throughout Belgium on Wednesday, which promises to be sunny even if some medium- and high-altitude clouds will appear. Hats, sunshades and sun cream are recommended, with the IRM predicting highs of 30 degrees at sea, 33 or 34 degrees in the Ardennes Heights and 38 degrees in the centre, where the barometer could even rise to 39.  

The west will be the luckiest part of the country, since it will fanned by a sea breeze, although clouds could develop there, bringing with them the risk of isolated bouts of stormy weather.

The night will again be warm on Wednesday, with temperatures of 18 to 24 degrees.

Thursday will be the hottest day. It will be very sunny, with searing highs of 38 to 39 degrees in the centre and even 40 in localised areas.

The outlook for Friday is still uncertain. More clouds are expected, but there will also be wide patches of clear skies. The weather could become unstable, with a possibility of isolated thunderstorms at the end of the day. The Coast will be less hot, with a high of 24 degrees, but not Kempen (Campine), where maximum temperatures are again expected to exceed 35 degrees.

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