Toxic blue-green algae potentially found in the Brussels Canal

Toxic blue-green algae potentially found in the Brussels Canal
The bluish-green film is seen on the surface of the water. Credit: Port de Bruxelles on twitter

The Brussels canal is currently being analysed to confirm the presence of the potentially toxic blue-green algae in the water, the Port of Brussels announced om Thursday.

The potential presence and concentrations of blue-green algae in the canal are currently being checked, and results will be available at the end of next week, the post said on its website.

Blue algae is toxic to humans and dogs. Respiratory tract irritation, diarrhoea and upset stomachs, are just a few of the possible consequences that may occur with contact, reports Bruzz.

“As a precautionary measure, the Port of Brussels recommends that the population, and more particularly fishermen and those practising sailing, rowing and water sports in general, avoid areas affected by a bluish-green film on the surface of the water,” said the port.

Swimming is prohibited in the canal and that in the event of accidental immersion, it is important to wash thoroughly, the port added. It is also advisable to avoid any contact with the skin, to inhale or ingest the water from the canal.

For pets, it is recommended not to allow them to drink and swim in the vicinity of the areas concerned. The consumption of fish is also strongly discouraged.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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