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Several trains blocked due to problems with overhead lines

SNCB warns that disruptions are possible throughout the network. Credit: PXhere

Several trains are blocked on Thursday afternoon due to problems with the overhead lines, according to SNCB.

The national railway company of Belgium has warned that disruptions are possible throughout the network, with a Thalys high-speed train is stuck between Brussels and Mechelen, while two SNCB trains are immobilised between Kortrijk and Oudenaarde.

Thalys advises its travellers to postpone their planned trip this Thursday to another day and has offered a free ticket exchange.

On the line where a Thalys has been blocked since 14:30, only two of the four lanes are currently available. Travellers between Brussels and Antwerp should therefore expect delays and cancellations, SNCB warns.

Problems with the lines have also been observed between Kortrijk and Oudenaarde as two trains are blocked with 60 passengers on board.

According to the SNCB website, traffic between Mechelen and Puurs is also interrupted due to a fire near the tracks.

The Brussels Times