Multiple works on the E25

Multiple works on the E25
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A project to replace expansion joints will begin on Monday along the E25 highway to Bastogne, at the Sécheval and Remouchamps viaducts, the Sofico announced on Tuesday.

Another project, to repair the waterproofing layer of the Houffalize Viaduct on the E25 Highway, will also begin on Monday.

Work on the Sécheval and Remouchamps viaducts will reduce traffic to a single lane in each direction over a distance of about two kilometres, while the speed limit will be reduced to 70km/hr.

This 995,000-euro project will be done in two phases. During Phase I, from 5 August to mid-September, Exit 46 “Remouchamps” to Bastogne will be closed to traffic. Sofico has called on drivers to take the highway to Liège, turn around at Exit 45 “Sprimont” and then drive to Bastogne. The second phase, from mid-September to early November, concerns works around Liége, with possible closures of exits.

The other project scheduled to begin on Monday relates to localised repairs on the waterproofing layer of the Houffalize Viaduct and the Copurnet Bridge, in both directions. Traffic will be limited to a single lane in both directions and speeds will be limited to 70 km/hr. It should be completed by late August.

“Given the heavy traffic to and from Luxembourg in this holiday period, and particularly the 15 August weekend, users are strongly advised to take into consideration the speed limitations that could be occasioned by these projects when planning their itineraries,” the Sofico warned.

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