A bright and cloudy start to August

A bright and cloudy start to August
The sun is expected to shine throughout the day. Credit: Flickr

Bright and cloudy conditions will punctuate Thursday, with a risk of a few local clouds, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) forecasts.

The Coast will be bathed in the sun during the afternoon. The thermometer will display 20 or 21 degrees on the tops of the Ardennes and at sea, and 23 or 24 degrees in the centre. The wind will generally be moderate.

Rain will be driven away during the night from Thursday to Friday. The minimums will vary between 10 and 16 degrees.

On Friday, the clouds will be back as well as some showers, with a chance of thunder. The temperature will rise to 23 degrees in the centre of the country. The wind will remain moderate.

A weak ridge of high pressure will favour dry conditions on Saturday. However, the east may suffer from some rain. Temperatures will be between 19 and 23 degrees.

Cloud conditions will be variable on Sunday, but it should be clear from the rain. It will be a little warmer, with maximums of 25 degrees expected.

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