Homeless Belgian shot dead by French police

Homeless Belgian shot dead by French police
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A homeless Belgian was shot dead by police in the south of France on Sunday after the man attempted to kill himself with a knife, according to reports.

Police and emergency services in the city of Nice rushed to a public park after a Belgian national in his fifties tried to commit suicide with a knife, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

After police approached the man but failed to convince him to drop his knife, they used a taser to attempt to immobilise him.

After the shock, the man reportedly approached an officer, prompting a separate officer to fire two shots, fatally injuring the man.

Attempts by the emergency services to resuscitate him were unsuccessful, local authorities said according to the Dutch-speaking outlet.

The local public prosecutor said it had opened an investigation into the incident.

No information has been released regarding the identity of the man.

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If you have thoughts about suicide you can get help by contacting the Suicide Line on the number 1813 or by going to www.zelfmoord1813.be, or the Suicide Prevention Center at 0800 32 123 or at www.preventionsuicide.be

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