Pukkelpop on-site drug testing only on seized drugs: reports

Pukkelpop on-site drug testing only on seized drugs: reports
Credit: Pukkelpop Festival/Facebook

A mobile lab set up to test drugs on the grounds of Pukkelpop music festival will only analyse drugs seized by police and not those brought by festivalgoers themselves, according to reports on Belgian media.

During a tour of the festival grounds in the town of Hasselt on Tuesday, Mayor Steven Vandeput said that a measure to allow festivalgoers to test their drugs on site was being looked into, all the while warning that this was only meant for attendants who “felt ill after taking a pill.”

“Anyone who thinks they have become ill after taking a pill can go to the medical post. There they can have their drugs tested without fears of the police,” Vandeput said to Dutch-language outlet VTM news.

But following subsequent reports by De Morgen on Tuesday, the major’s proposed measure was reportedly shelved, after the outlet said that the drug-testing post will only analyse drugs seized by police at the festival.

The drug-testing will be carried out by three measuring devices operated by police at the festival, which according to the outlet, will be present in high numbers.

“We are going to be present with as many patrols as possible and we are really going to check,” Hasselt police told De Morgen. “At the slightest suspicion, there will be check.”

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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