Belgian schoolchildren unharmed after highway chain collision crash

Belgian schoolchildren unharmed after highway chain collision crash
A group of schoolchildren (not pictured) escaped unharmed from a chain collision crash in the highway. Credit: Wikimedia

A group of Belgian schoolchildren escaped injury after the bus they were travelling on was involved in a chain collision crash during a school trip to the Netherlands on Wednesday.

On the way back to Belgium, the double-decker bus crashed into several passenger vehicles on the A58 highway, near the Dutch city of Eindhoven, according to HLN.

"Apparently an accident happened in front of us, it was impossible for the bus to avoid it," one school supervisor on board told the outlet, adding: "The entire windshield of the bus flew into pieces, and of course our children were very worried, some cried."

Although the crash was described as serious —with one of the drivers involved becoming trapped inside his vehicle— all 54 children and their 15 supervisors were unharmed, and most of the passengers of the other four vehicles involved could be treated on the spot.

After the crash, which took place at around 5:00 PM, a local farmer was quick to offer assistance to the stranded children.

"A sympathetic farmer quickly came to help us. We were allowed to come to his farm, and our children got a cookie from him," the supervisor added.

Emergency services checked all of the passengers of the coach before clearing them to return back to their hometown in the town of Borgloon, Limburg onboard another bus.

Upon the return to their town, the children were received by both their relieved parents and the town mayor, Eric Awouters.

"Of course this was a real shock for us all," Awouters said. "Together with the parents, we are all relieved that everyone is unharmed," he added.

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