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Drone registration now possible via an on-line platform

New European drone rules will go into effect in July 2020. Credit: © Belga

The FPS Mobility and Transport launched a new Aviation Portal on Wednesday allowing a drone owner to register his/her device without having to fill out a form.

The registration of an aircraft (planes, gliders, helicopters, balloons, microlights, paramotors, etc.) has proven until now to be a rather time-consuming process. For a drone, it was for example necessary to print out the documents, fill them in, scan them and return them by e-mail. They were then printed again at the FPS before being encrypted.

The portal will, therefore, allow all these steps to be avoided. The reporting of modifications to the device, application tracking and payment will also be able to be handled in a few clicks.

Furthermore, information already known to the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (DGTA) is pre-filled. Thanks to the verification of the mandatory data fields that have been filled in, the number of incorrect or incomplete applications is reduced. A procedure normally taking a week will now be executed in a few hours.

In total, 6,173 Belgian aircraft have been registered, 2,715 of which are drones. Those weighing 2 kilos or more must be recorded.

The Brussels Times