Greenpeace ‘Rainbow Warrior’ drops anchor in Ostend

Greenpeace ‘Rainbow Warrior’ drops anchor in Ostend
Underwater Filmmaker and Marine Biologist Stefan Andrews surfaces from a dive on the Rainbow Warrior. Credit: Greenpeace

The “Rainbow Warrior”, the boat of the environmental organisation Greenpeace, docked for the first time in Belgium on Friday morning in Ostend.

The 58-metre-long ‘Rainbow Warrior’ arrived in Ostend on Friday morning, and will remain there until 2 October. Around 8,000 people have already registered to visit the ship, already meeting the maximum number of available visit times.

“People who have not registered can, however, come and visit the Greenpeace village on the wharf. Exercises for children are planned,” a Greenpeace spokeswoman said.

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The Rainbow Warrior is calling at several European ports as part of the United for Climate action, which advocates an ambitious and fair climate policy and more renewable energy. A total of 10 days will remain in Belgium.

The tour aims to highlight each country’s challenges in their efforts to phase out fossil and nuclear energy sources, and is expected to promote Belgium’s development of offshore wind farms.

After Ostend, the boat will sail to Antwerp, where it will moor from 4 to 8 October.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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