Briton wins record €190 million lottery jackpot

Briton wins record €190 million lottery jackpot
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A British citizen has taken home the jackpot of the latest EuroMillion lottery draw, taking home with him the sum of €190 million.

The National Lottery announced on Tuesday that the million-euro jackpot would certainly go to one or more winners since the jackpot can only be drawn five consecutive times and Tuesday marked the last time it could go into play.

The lottery organiser said that if nobody hit the top rank, meaning the five numbers and two stars needed to land the top sum in its entirety, the record jackpot prize would be divided among players who landed in the lower ranks.

But on Tuesday one British player hit all figures in the top rank, making him the fourth lottery player, and second Briton, to take home the top €190 million. Previous winners include a player in Portugal and one in Spain.

Tuesday’s draw also brought good news to some Belgians, with De Standaard reporting that three landing the right numbers to make the third rank, taking home a prize of €24,862 each.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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