4 in 10 Belgians don’t protect access to their smartphone

4 in 10 Belgians don’t protect access to their smartphone
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Up to 43% of Belgians don’t use a security measure like a passcode or finger print to access their smartphone. 

38% also said they systematically use the same password whenever they do use one, according to figures published by SpotIT on Thursday.

SpotIT is a Belgian company that specialises in network security. Although three quarters (76%) take measures to protect their home against burglary, the figures show only 35% protect themselves online. 

Most Belgians (65%) do not do enough to protect themselves against online dangers.

SpotIT says these are much more real than physical dangers (in the home or on the street).

While most Belgians have dealt with viruses, malware, hacking, phishing or other dangers over the last year, only two percent were burgled. 

Four in ten Belgians systematically chose the same password for all the websites they use. This trend is particularly apparent in young people (18 to 34, the “digitally naïve” generation) and slightly less so for the 35 to 65 age-range.

More than 1 in 5 have their password written down on paper or stored in the phone. Only nine percent change them regularly.  

39% of 18 to 34-year-olds don’t always use a code to lock their smartphone, even though they spend an average of 28 hours a week online on their phone.

SpotIT says this is the same as leaving the door of your house unlocked when you’re not home.

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