Belgium drops significantly on worldwide safety ranking

Belgium drops significantly on worldwide safety ranking
Belgium came in 52nd place in the World Economic Forum's ranking of safety and security in their most recent tourism report. Credit: World Economic Forum.

Belgium is the 52nd safest country in the world according to a report on global tourism and travel.

Compiled by the World Economic Forum, the World Tourism and Travel Report surveyed some 140 countries, considering components such as business environment, safety and security, health and hygiene, labour market, international openness and environmental stability, amongst others.

Although Belgium came 24th on the overall Travel and Tourism Index, it fell just shy of placing in the top 50 in the safety and security ranking of the most recent report, instead landing 52nd place.

This position marks a distinct departure from Belgium's previous ranking of 32nd place on the safety and security component, which considers business costs of crime and violence, reliability of police services, business costs of terrorism, index of terrorism incidence and homicide rates.

Finland, Iceland and Oman are in first, second and third place respectively on the safety and security ranking.

Evie McCullough

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