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London defends Brexit agreement following Trump criticism

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The Office of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended the agreement reached on Brexit following criticism from the American president.

Interviewed on British radio Thursday evening by europhobe Nigel Farage, Trump gatecrashed the election campaign which will be held in the UK on 12 December, calling for an alliance between Johnson and the head of the Brexit Party that gained the most seats in the May European elections with more than 31% of the votes.

“I would like to see you to bring you together,” Trump insisted. “I think that would be fantastic,” he commented.

Johnson and his conservative party members have however already repeatedly ruled out the prospect of an alliance with the Brexit Party.

Trump also said that the agreement negotiated by Johnson with the European Union, prevents the US from concluding a trade deal with the United Kingdom.

However, a Downing street spokesperson replied that the exit agreement reached with the EU by Johnson would permit the UK to make “business deals throughout the world, which would benefit the whole of the United Kingdom.”

The American president, who has several times promised London a “great deal” after Brexit, knows that “Boris will be very attentive to” the prospect of a trade agreement, believing it would be “ridiculous” for the United States to be excluded in some way.

The American president also considered that the head of the main opposition party, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, would be “so bad for the country.”

Responding on Twitter, the Labour leader accused the American president of “trying to interfere in the British elections by getting his friend Boris Johnson elected.”

The Brussels Times