Majority of employees are inactive before retiring

Majority of employees are inactive before retiring
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When 86.4% of employees ended their career in 2017, they were not fully active, Saturday’s Le Soir wrote on the basis of FPS Pensions figures. 

Among the 117,318 new pensioners in the private sector in 2017 (latest available data), only 3.5% were still active at the time of their retirement. 22.6% cumulated some employment with "work-assimilated periods" (unemployment, work incapacity, disability, part-time work) and 63.8% had only assimilated periods of activity. 

The statistics are impressive, but did improve during the last Parliament. Because in 2014, only 12.2% employees were still fully active at the time of their retirement ­— 70% were not working at all. 

Yet the phenomenon is disturbing and is not without impact on the number of pension allocations. Indeed, the level of contribution varies depending on specific situations and the time of the contributions. 

The next government will have to address the problem, Le Soir warned, and provide various measures that would allow those over 55 to remain active right to the end of their career: adjusted tasks and functions, reduction of working time, knowledge transfer, early pensions, protection against dismissal ... There are many possibilities.

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