Union warns of ‘deteriorating conditions’ for Brussels pensioners

Union warns of ‘deteriorating conditions’ for Brussels pensioners
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The conditions of Brussels’ pensioners seem to deteriorate, Solidaris indicates on Monday based on a recent survey.

The survey focuses on people got retired five years ago. According to its results, 50% of employees taking early retirement decided to retire because of the stress of their working lives, a figure much higher than in 2015.

Early retirement for health reasons has also increased. 

Solidaris adds that young retirees believe to be in poorer physical health condition than four years ago. “32.4% believe to be ‘not quite’ or ‘not’ healthy, which is up 12 points when compared to 2015.” 

In addition, a majority (57.4%) of respondents are afraid of becoming a burden to relatives.

“More and more French-speaking Belgians feel helpless and useless once retired,” Solidaris state.” “These two feelings have grown strongly in just four years!” 

Faced with this degradation of young retirees’ living conditions, Solidaris, in consultation with Espace Seniors Association, pleads that social inequalities at any age be fought against.

The organization calls for an overall improvement of working conditions, of the quality of education, and of access to health care and employment.

It also believes it is necessary to adapt working conditions to seniors: re-organisation and/or reduction of working hours, professional training at any age, as well as recognition of experience.

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