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Ghent University plagued by mysterious smell, classes moved

Ghent University has been forced to move a number of classes after a putrid stench has invaded a main lecture hall.

Described as smelling like everything from a locker room to cheese, the mysterious smell has been present for a week at the Blandijn campus of the University.

The cause is suspected to be a long-lasting stink bomb, but no cause has been found yet, reports VRT. This was concluded after the fire brigade were called out to assess that the smell did not have a malicious cause.

“We wanted to exclude this had anything to do with dangerous substances. That wasn’t the case.  Now we are trying to get rid of the smell by ventilating and cleaning” an official told the outlet.

For now, the university has been forced to leave the room to ventilate, in the hope that the smell will eventually go away.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times